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EAC Committees

The EAC has three standing, two advisory and three ad-hoc committees of the Board. We are grateful to our many volunteer Board and committee members for their time and commitment to the work of the EAC.

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Committee name
Type of committee 
Names of members
 Executive Committee  Standing  Debbie Houle
 Pat Darbasie
 Vivianne Favreau-Sparrow
 Christopher Filipowicz
 Governance Committee  Standing

 Patricia Darbasie
 Jean-Pierre Fournier
 Christopher Filipowicz
 Alexandra Dawkins 

 Finance Committee  Standing  Vivianne Favreau-Sparrow
 Debbie Houle
 Mireille Rijavec  
 Indigenous Advisory Committee  Advisory  Debbie Houle
 Vivianne Favreau-Sparrow
 Christine Sokaymoh Frederick
 Jaimy Miller
 Amber Paquette
 Tiffany Shaw-Collinge
 Ron Walker
 Melissa Jo Belcourt
 Sherryl Sewepagaham
 Cindy Paul
 Jamie Bourque  
 Equity Committee  Advisory

 Mireille Rijavec 
 Karen Brown Fournell
 Ahmed Ali
 Yazmin Juarez
 Jermaine Curtis (Kaz Mega)
 Evan Westfal
 Dr. Kathleen (Kat) Danser
 Titliope Sonuga
 Lynda Vang
 Emily Chu
 Chris Dodd
 Luciana Erregue-Sacchi

 Public Art Committee  Ad-hoc (under review)  Don Ross
 Grants Review and Transition Committee  Ad-hoc  Pat Darbasie
 Christopher Filipowicz
 Kristi Hansen
 Wei Yew
 Heather D. Swain
 Titilope Sonuga  
 Technology and Infrastructure Committee  Ad-hoc  Vivianne Favreau Sparrow
 Scott Shpeley 
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